Subscription Information

How It Works

Do you want healthy, fresh & delicious meals delivered to your door without even having to place an order? Our subscription option may be for you! This will provide you with an option to have any of our products delivered to you every week with  automatic charging, so you never forget an order! With this option you will save 5% off all meal plans, and be able to skip your order any week of your choosing, and cancel anytime. All of your week's meals & portion sizes will still be customizable, and you can add & remove other items on a week-to-week basis- order you can just have 1 of each meal delivered to you weekly without any hassle.

If this sounds like its for you, here's a step by step explanation on how to add a subscription & customize:

Step 1:

To find the subscription meal plans click on the "Weekly Subscription" page.



Step 2:

You will see the 5% discount, and will be able to choose your serving size & number of meals. Add it to your cart, and continue to checkout as fill everything out as usual.




Step 3:

After you finish checkout, go to our home page, and click on the "account icon" to go to your information. On the bottom right, click "Manage Subscriptions".


Step 4:

Click on "Subscriptions" on the left to view & customize your subscriptions. Click the "Edit" tab to customize, ship or cancel.



Step 5:

To customize, click on "Select (Product Title) Contents"



Step 6:

From here you can select the meals in your box, and change the portion size or number of meals. Be sure to edit your contents every week before Friday at midnight, or you will automatically get last week's quantities & our automatic "meal choices of the week". 


Step 7: 

You can also skip or cancel the product subscription.