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Why Prepared Meals are Right for You

The world’s most dreaded question… what's for dinner? 

Life is busy. Whether you're stuck in the office until 6:30, shuttling kids to and from daycare, or getting those last minute errands done- the last thing you want to worry about is getting dinner on the table. In an age where people are overworked and have more responsibilities than ever, it can be hard to get yourself and your family fed- let alone ensuring it is with nourishing, nutritious, and ethically sourced meals. 


The Conscious Farm Kitchen

That’s Where We Come In!

We founded The Conscious Farm Kitchen to take the burden of meal prepping off the shoulders of hard working women! After knowing so many women doing it all, we saw the impact and stress of constantly worrying about preparing meals first hand.

Not only do women have to get food on the table, we also know so many women care about where their food is coming from. But, going to the farmers market, local grocer or farm store can take even more time and energy that we just don’t have!

We put these two priorities together and decided to start delivering delicious and nutritious meals, made with local and organic ingredients right to your doorstep. By ordering from us, you can eat in alignment with your values at every meal, and it only takes a few minutes a week! All of our meals are made fresh, so they can chill in your fridge waiting to be served anytime.

Want to Know a Bit More About How Our Values Align with Yours?


1. Sustainability

Our impact on the environment is a huge priority here at The Conscious Farm Kitchen. Starting with packaging, we run a reusable container program where customers wash and return all of their packaging. All you have to do is eat all the delicious food from your order, wash your containers (they are even dishwasher safe!), and set them outside to be picked up the day of your next delivery. We sanitize them, and keep reusing.

In the last 4 years we have avoided over 100,000 single-use containers from ending up in the landfill! Our customers love how our service compares to other meal prep companies who leave you with tons of packaging to throw away after your order.


2. Organic + Local

We also have a huge commitment to sourcing local and organic ingredients. Produce is the number one ingredient in every meal we create! Not only is eating more vegetables better for your health, it is great for the environment.

Our produce is sourced locally and organically all year round! In the spring, summer and fall we work with a farm located near Hanover, ON, Cedar Down Farm, who grows all of our organic produce. Everything they grow for us is harvested just days before it is delivered to you, so it’s at its peak of nutrition and freshness! 


3. Ethics

Ethics are at the core of our practices. We believe the ethicality of food intersects with humans, animals, and the earth. We are an above living wage employer, meaning all of our employees' pay starts at over $25 an hour, and they also receive health benefits. We want to ensure our staff can afford life necessities, especially with the rising cost of housing and food, but also afford things like eating out, wellness, travel, and more, which all contribute to happiness. We try our best to maintain a work-life balance, with employees working mostly 4 day work-weeks, and lots of flexibility in their schedules.

In terms of the non-human world, we are a proud plant-based business. Eating less meat not only benefits the environment and contributes to slowing down climate change, but also reduces animal suffering and factory farming. Lots of our customers use our food to introduce more meatless meals in their diets, even if they are not completely vegan or plant-based. 


What Next?

Take a break from grocery shopping and cooking! Instead, enjoy a healthy meal that is already prepared for you with fresh, local produce.

No matter your needs, we have the subscriptions that will work for you and your schedule. Start a Weekly Meal Subscription or opt for our one-off Meal Plans for a quick and easy way to get your next meal.

Check out our Weekly Menu!

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