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How to Clean Reusable Containers

Table of Contents

  1. Cleaning Containers

As part of our promise to always be sustainable and low waste, we created a reusable container program for our prepared meals. When you place your order, you'll be able to select either compostable, or reusable containers. 

Your reusable containers will need to be washed after use, in this document you will find information on how to properly clean reusable containers. 

Cleaning Containers

Step 1: Scrape any leftover bits of food into your compost or food bin

Step 2: Pop your containers in your dishwasher or use dish soap and a sponge or cloth to thoroughly clean your containers in warm water.

Step 3: It is important to ensure your containers are clean of all food and oil residue.

Step 4: Once clean and dry, put your clean container in cool bag and store them somewhere safe until we come and collect them.

Please note: we will collect your containers when we next deliver your meals. Please leave your clean containers outside by 9am on your delivery day.


Updated on 03 Nov 2023